3.6.0 Superlike
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Add Superlike

  • Add button to matching interface for sending Superlike as recruiter

  • Add overlay for sending a message along with Superlike

  • Add status indicators to chat overview for indicating Superlike

  • Add Superlike notification in chat

  • Add Superlike accept and deny control to chat

  • Add email preferences for superlikes

UI improvements

  • Add indication for host showing if user is unlocked

  • Add chat filtering (all, unread, superlike)

  • Make links clickable in chat and shorten them

  • Make avatars in chats clickable

  • Improve mobile friendliness for chat component

  • Unify banner image ratios

  • Allow editing talent profiles in events directly

  • Add extra security step when un-publishing an event

  • Add event type option for host (digital / hybrid / offline)

  • Allow full width for chat overview threads when event is not branded

  • Add sharp left upper corner to chat component

  • Update bin icon

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