4.0.0 Global style update
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Global style update including:

  • Updates colors

  • Updates styling for buttons

  • Updates styling for text input

  • Updates styling for checkboxes

  • Updates styling for select

  • Update styling for multi select

  • Updates styling for radio buttons

  • Updates styling for tags

  • Updates styling for tabs

  • Update styling for text area (multi line text input fields)

  • Update styling for date, month and time pickers

  • Update styling of search-bar in user participant lists

  • Update styling for event program component

New features:

  • Add functionality that allows recruiters to delete their account

  • Add dropzone for uploading company logo during recruiter registration

  • Add tooltip texts to icon buttons

  • Add and update toast notifications

  • Add confirm button to jobwall and matching filters on mobile and tablet

  • Add text truncation to tags

  • Add disclaimer text when maximum entries is reached for volunteer experience and languages


  • Improve UX for updating banner images

  • Improve CV upload

  • Improve standplan upload

  • Updates pen and upload icon

  • Adds checkbox group component for wrapping large groups of checkboxes

  • Remove functionality that inverts colors when branded event colors are too light

  • Fix bug with tooltip text for cv download icon button

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